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mforbes321's Journal

Thoughts Becoming Things

Melanie Forbes
3 August
Where Am I?

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abraham-hicks, ambience, architecture, authenticity, baking, being grateful, being lucky, boardgames, books, bookstores, brilliant ideas, brunch, candles, castles, change, childlike wonder, clarity, comfortable silences, communicating, computers, conscious creation, conversations with god, cookbooks, cooking, creating, critical thinking, curiosity, d&d, dark chocolate, daydreaming, deep discussions, dichotomy, dictionaries, discoveries, eclecticism, elefant, england, ensemble casts, europe, experimenting, extroverted introverts, farmers' markets, freedom, gelato, gentle breezes, geography, growth, harry potter, having fun, herbs, history, honesty, hope, icons, ideas, imagination, information, inspiration, integrity, introspection, italian food, italy, joie de vivre, journal writing, joy, karaoke, laughter, law of attraction, learning, learning other languages, learning through experience, libraries, literature, live entertainment, local coffee shops, love, lucid dreaming, m.a.c., maps, mary janes, me, meandering, mediterranean, morning pages, movies, mozart, music (all), my family, new thought, not being afraid, not watching tv, notes from the universe, obscurity, old places, open-minded people, optimism, organizing, overlooked details, passion, pasta, peace, philanthropy, philosophy, politics, possibilities, presents, pronoia, psychology, public transportation, puttering, quantum physics, quotations, random acts of kindness, reading, reminiscing with my sisters, rose-colored glasses, rpg, self actualization, sensuality, serendipity, silence, simplicity, singing, smelling the roses, smiles, snow skiing, solitude, spa vacations, spices, spirituality, synchronicity, tao te ching, taoism, the arts, the present moment, the universe, thich nhat hanh, travellers, travelling, truth, trying new things, understanding, vegetarianism, venice, volunteering, water, wealth, wisdom, world religions, writing